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To log into the system enter your username and password into the Login box on the top left of the screen.
If you have forgotten your password then you can request that it is sent to you using the email address you gave when you created your user.
Creating a new user
To be able to participate in the Prediction League you need to create a user profile. This is created by selecting the New User link from the right hand column.

Select a User ID to identify yourself in the prediction league. This can be anything you like as long as it is not already taken by another user.

Enter a password (twice). This is to ensure no-one else can change your predictions.

You must enter a valid email address to join the prediction league. This is used to have your password mailed to should you forget it.
Points are awared as follows:
  • 0 Points for predicting the correct number of goals by at least one team.
  • 0 Points for predicting the correct number of goals for the home team.
  • 0 Points for predicting the correct number of goals for the away team.
  • 2 Points for a correct score. i.e. you predict 3-1 and the result is 3-1.
  • 1 Point for a correct result. You predict 1-1, the score is 2-2.
  • 0 Points for a incorrect result. i.e. you predict 3-1 and the result is 1-3.
Goal Difference
  • For each correct teams number of goals you score, you receive that number of +goals. e.g. you predicit 2 and the team scores 2, you get +2 goals.
  • For each incorrect number of goals you predict per team, you lose the difference in goals. e.g. you predict 3 and the team scores 2, you get -1 goals.
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Change your user preferences. You can change your password, username, icon, email address here.

Logout from the predictoin league.

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Display any messages that other users have sent to you.
You can use messaging to send messages to other users and likewise other users can send messages to you. To send a message to another user, click the icon when you see it next a another user.
Weekly Winners
[Week 41]
Username Pts
CR7 11
gerrard8 11
Rashford10 11
Masoood 7
Chuck 7
Curls 6
luis suarez 5
Newbie3 0
shaheen 0
Gooner1 0
Movers and Losers[Week 41]
Rashford10 +1
Gooner1 0
CR7 0
Newbie3 0
shaheen 0
admin 0
Masoood -1
Monthly Winner
CR7 45
gerrard8 43
Rashford10 41
Curls 35
Masoood 32
Chuck 28
Newbie3 18
luis suarez 15

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